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Coffee Companies Creating Social Buzz

Simply put, coffee is social. It has been for years. So it’s no surprise that large coffee retailers like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have been early adopters of social media.

Think about it, if you are in New England you are either a Starbucks person or a Dunkin Donuts person. It’s some of the most brand loyalty I’ve ever seen.

I’m a tried and true Starbucks gal. It’s certainly not hard to find, the stores are on just about every corner as I walk into work. I have the Starbucks mobile app. The Barista scans my phone daily deducting the money for my Grande non-fat latte.

If I need to add money to it (which I often do) it takes a matter of seconds. Not to mention they are accepted at over 1,00o locations (including one nearby me in a Target Store)

You’ve probably seen Starbucks QR codes in print magazines, newspapers and transit ads. Although I’m not a big fan of the technology, I see more and more people scanning them with their Smartphones

Starbucks is all over Facebook with over 62 million “likes” and 763,000 people talking about the brand

Of course the company is active on Twitter @Starbucks as well with over 2 million followers.

Although I’m not a Dunkin’s gal per se, I have great respect for the local brand. It too has had one of the most successful social media campaigns called “Create Next Donut” <>. Consumers got to create a menu item. The stats were impressive with over 130,000 submissions, and 174,000 registered voters to determine a winner.

The company also ran a clever promotion to promote the “mixology” potential of its Coolatta drinks, Dunkin’ Donuts asked fans to collaborate on a playlist of summery songs that would go well with fan’s favorite Coolatta flavors. According to a Mashable article, Dunkin’ Donuts asked fans to collaborate on a playlist of summery songs that would go well with fan’s favorite Coolatta flavors.

The campaign netted 300,000 new Facebook fans while over 40,000 Pandora users added “The ultimate Coolatta summer music mix!” to their list of stations and spent nearly 14,000 hours listening to the station.


Dunkins is also active but not as successful on Twitter @Dunkins with close to 130,000 followers.

As far as Facebook, it has 5.8 million “likes” and over 114,000 people talking about the brand.

Both brands have been active on FourSquare and Google Places. Just look around and see who’s checking in.

What I liked best is Dunkin Donuts combines offline media, online media, social media and street marketing here in Boston. You can follow, Tweet, like, check in or show up at a shop and be selected by a brand ambassador to win Red Sox tickets. There’s nothing better than coffee AND free tickets. I wish Starbucks would do that.

So tell me, have you followed, friended, liked, Tweeted, scanned a QR code or checked in to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts via social media?


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